mvc: date comparison fails on production server

I have a simple comparison in my view to see if an event is in the past:

  <% if (model.EventDate < DateTime.Now)
     { %>
  <td style="color: red;">
  <% }
     { %>
  <% } %>

This works fine on my dev machine, running via Cassini, but on the server it seems to be interpreting 01/12/2010 as Dec. 1, not Jan 12.

How should I be doing this comparison to make sure that it works the same regardless of the runtime environment?

Update: The EventDate is a DateTime, and is coming from a database, which has the correct date: select MONTH(EventDate) returns 1, select DAY(EventDate) returns 12.

Best Solution

Comparing two DateTime instances in .NET always works. The problem lies when you set model.EventDate, maybe you are parsing it from a string.