ASP.Net – Possible to edit multi rows in grid, then save all? PLUS…partial postback of single row with new value retrieval from dataset

I need to implement a grid in that behaves almost exactly like MS Excel.
– can navigate around with arrow keys
– you can edit the cell that currently has focus by simply typing
– supports checkboxes, dropdownlists, etc

One crucial requirement is….I need to be able to somehow, after update of any cell within a row, pass that updated value back to the server, as there is a calculation process that happens using that updated value that can update other cells in the row, and I need to essentially rebind all the cells in the current row with the updated values resulting from the calculation. AND…when I do this, I want to retain focus on the cell that had it after the update of the former cell. Without grid scrolling, etc, etc.

If you're wondering what I'm talking about, just imagine Microsoft Excel, but I need to perform the formula calculations on the server and refresh all cells in the current row with the results….and, not lose focus of my current cell.

I am more than happy to pay $1000 or whatever it is for one of the full blown commercial ASP.Net grid controls, but from the ones I have tried so far, they seem to not be capable of this, at least I don't know how.
Aspose Grid – would have worked great, except it is totally full of bugs
Telerik RadGrid – a colleague familiar with that grid is trying to figure it out with no luck
Farpoint Grid – looks promising but haven't tried it out yet

If anyone has any advice on how to specifically accomplish this, it would be much appreciated.

Best Solution

Have you tried the extjs sample?
It has a commercial licence, but you can try it for free.