Asp.Net Validaterequest False


I'm creating an Asp.Net program UI where users can browse and change information in a database. For this reason, they need to be able to use all forms of chars, but I still need to keep the program HTML and SQL itself secure. For that reason, I'm using a self-built method that replaces dangerous chars such as '<' etc with their html-codes while they're being handled outside of a textbox (issued on page-load so they have no functionality in there).

Now my dilemma: To be able to do this, I have to disable the Validaterequest parameter as per the topic, the program will issue a complaint. What are the possible consequences of setting it to False?

The SQL query is parametirized already, and I filter out the following marks only:

& # < > " ’ % @ =

Question: am I leaving the program open for threats even if I handle the chars above? Basically this is an intranet application where only a few people will be able to access the program. Nevertheless, the information it accesses is fairly important so even unintentional mishaps should be prevented. I literally have no idea what the Validaterequest thing even does.

Edit: Alright, thx for the answers. I'll just go with this then as initially planned.

Best Solution

The main things Validate Request is looking for are < and > characters, to stop you opening your site up to malicious users posting script and or HTML to your site.

If you're happy with the code you've got stripping out HTML mark-up, or you are not displaying the saved data back to the website without processing, then you should be ok.