.net – The Visual Studio debugger is not attaching when at the root of a website


I have a problem with my Visual Studio 2008 debugger not attaching to the root of the default website when I run from within the environment.

I have a .NET 3.5 Web application project running on Visual Studio 2008 SP1. I have set the project to "Use Local IIS Web server" with a path of "http://localhost/". I am able to create the Virtual Directory and the application compiles fine.

My problem is that when Internet Explorer launches, the debugger is not connected. I am able to "Attach to Process" and choose "w3wp.exe", and it will debug just fine. This is a PITA; why will it not automatically attach?

I used to run this exact same project under a VD and never had an issue with the debugger not attaching. Thoughts?

Best Solution

The problem I was having was related to the fact that I had a tag in my web.config that surrounded my tag. This evidently causes the debugger to attach and then error out immediately without any sort of warning or error. Here is the article I used to figure this out:

Unable to debug Web Site with Top Level Location