Asp – Unlocking mvc templates in VS 2008

Ok so i downloaded the mvc through the web platform installer. Rebooted the machine and fired up VS 2008 express. Lo and behold there were no website/project templates that could setup an mvc project. I did a little research and found out they would not show up in the express version. No matter – i got team suite edition too so i installed that and hoped for the templates to show up. They did not, so i reinstalled the mvc and they still won't show up.

I hate this part of developing – i just want to dognammed tools to work – what am i doing wrong – why won't the templates show up? I can't seem to uninstall mvc now and reinstalling just tells me that it's already installed…

Best Solution

If you installed Team Suite after mvc, it won't see the templates. Try reinstalling MVC, it's light and shouldn't take long.