Asp – Visual Studio 2005 says I don’t have permission to debug


I am new to visual studio/ so please bear with me. Using vs 2005 and 3.5. I have vs installed on the production server. If I set the start option for the site to "use default web server" when I go to debug my website vs tries to open the site at http://localhost:4579/project and returns 404. If I set start option to "use custom server" and specify the correct path to application (the way I would hit the site from the outside) vs is unable to run debug and returns error "Unable to start debugging on the web server. Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password". I am running vs as an administrator on the production server. I thought maybe I needed to set user permissions in the visual studio remote debugging monitor but my admin account was already there. I checked IIS and made sure the application configuration/debugging "enable asp server-side script debugging" was checked. Web config is also set debug="true". Clearly I am missing something.

EDIT >Running windows server 2003

Best Solution

Do this...Instead of trying to debug by hitting F5

  • Go to Tools
  • Attach to Process
  • Click View Processes from all users
  • Ensure you are selected only for Managed Code
  • Select "W3WP.EXE". This is the ASP.NET Worker process.
  • Click attach.
  • You are now attached and debugging, go refresh the page in a browser and it should hit your breakpoints.