Selenium – WatiN or Selenium?


I'm going to start coding some automated tests of our presentation soon. It seems that everyone recommends WatiN and Selenium. Which do you prefer for automated testing of ASP.NET web forms? Which of these products work better for you?

As a side note, I noticed that WatiN 2.0 has been in CTP since March 2008, is that something to be concerned about?

Best Solution

Just want to say that I'm currently working hard on a beta release of WatiN 2.0 somewhere in Q1 of 2009. It will be a major upgrade to the current CTP 2.0 versions and will basically give you the same functionality to automate FireFox and IE as version 1.3.0 offers for automating IE.

So no concerns there.

Hope this helps in making your choice Jeroen van Menen Lead dev WatiN

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