Windows – What are your experiences implementing/using WebDAV


For a current project, I was thinking of implementing WebDAV to present a virtual file store that clients can access. I have only done Google research so far but it looks like I can get away with only implementing two methods:


I think that this is great. I was just curious though. If I wanted to implement file uploading via:


I haven't implemented it, but it seems simple enough. My only concern is whether a progress meter will be displayed for the user if they are using standard Vista Explorer or OSX Finder.

I guess I'm looking for some stories from people experienced with WebDAV.

Best Solution

For many WebDAV clients and even for read only access, you will also need to support OPTIONS. If you want to support upload, PUT obviously is required, and some clients (MacOS X?) will require locking support.

(btw, RFC 4918 is the authorative source of information).