Asp – Why does ASP.NET show this error


I have installed Visual Studio .NET 2005. But when I am trying to execute an application then I am getting the following error:

Unable to open the Web 'http://localhost/adiii'. Could not find a Web server at 'localhost' on port 80. Please check to make sure that the Web server name is valid and your proxy settings are set correctly. If you are sure that everything is correct, the Web server may be temporarily out of service.

Click here to view screenshot of the error I am getting

Can anyone please tell me the solution of this problem. As we know there is embedded Web deployment server inside VS2005 then why its giving me this error??

Best Solution

Are you explicitly have defined that the internal web server should run the application on port 80?

The default behavior is that it runs on a random port. If your settings are ok, then it might be a port conflict with another web server on your machine (Apache, IIS).

Sometimes even a Skype can okuppy port 80 and cause similar problems.


Now i see - you're using Web Site project, and we assumed you're working with Web App project instead.

In this case, the procedure is slightly different: You select the project in Solution Explorer and open Property Pane. Here you should be able to identify two properties for the project: Port number and Use dynamic ports. I assume your first property is set to 80, and second one to false. Change the second one to true and you should be able to fix the problem.