Automate Photoshop to insert text from file


I have a multilanguage website and need automate the process of updating textlayers in psd-files from a csv-source.

I know that there might be glitches in the psp because of changed widths, but anyway it would help a lot to have the text inside the documents.

What are my options?


Murmelschlurmel has a working solution. Here is the link to the Adobe documentation.

The format of the csv-file is not so nice: you need a column for each variable. I would expect a row for each variable.

It works with Umlaut (ä, ö etc)


Another solution is to use com to automate Photoshop. Thats nice if you have a couple of templates (buttons) that need changed text. Here is my script in python that might get you startet.

You need to have an excel file with columns:
TemplateFileName, TargetFileName, TargetFormat, Text
(ie template.psd, button1 , gif , NiceButton) .
The first row of the sheet is not used.
The psp template should only have 1 textlayer and can not have layergroups.

import win32com.client
import xlrd 
spreadsheet = xlrd.open_workbook("text_buttons.xls")
sheet = spreadsheet.sheet_by_index(0)

psApp = win32com.client.Dispatch("Photoshop.Application")  
jpgSaveOptions = win32com.client.Dispatch("Photoshop.JPEGSaveOptions")  
jpgSaveOptions.EmbedColorProfile = True
jpgSaveOptions.FormatOptions = 1
jpgSaveOptions.Matte = 1
jpgSaveOptions.Quality = 1

gifSaveOptions = win32com.client.Dispatch("Photoshop.GIFSaveOptions")

for rowIndex in range(sheet.nrows):
    if(rowIndex > 0):
        template =  sheet.row(rowIndex)[0].value
        targetFile = sheet.row(rowIndex)[1].value
        targetFileFormat = sheet.row(rowIndex)[2].value
        textTranslated = sheet.row(rowIndex)[3].value
        psApp.Open(r"D:\Design\Produktion\%s" % template ) 
        doc = psApp.Application.ActiveDocument

        for layer in doc.Layers:  
            if (layer.Kind == 2):
                layer.TextItem.Contents = textTranslated
                if(targetFileFormat == "gif"):
                    doc.SaveAs(r"D:\Design\Produktion\de\%s" % targetFile, gifSaveOptions,  True, 2)
                if(targetFileFormat == "jpg"):
                    doc.SaveAs(r"D:\Design\Produktion\de\%s" % targetFile, jpgSaveOptions,  True, 2)

Best Solution

You can use "Data Driven Design" to do this. There is also a concept of data driven design in computer science, but as far as I can see this is not not related to the use of the word in Photoshop.

Here is how to proceed:

Load your image in Photoshop and define your variables with Image > Variable > Define.

Then convert your csv to a format Photoshop can read. I had the best experiences with tab delimted text.

Finally load the text file in Photoshop with Images > Variables > Data Set and let Photoshop save all iterations.

When I tried this first, I found that the Photoshop help file didn't provide enough details. I searched the Internet for photoshop "data set" and found some good tutorials, e.g. this one from digitaltutors.