Bash – ny way to prevent find from digging down recursively into subdirectories


When I do:

$ find / 

It searches the entire system.
How do I prevent that?

(This question comes from an "answer" to another question.)

Best Solution


Just wanted to expand on the suggestion from Jon to use -prune. It isn't the easiest of find options to use, for example to just search in the current directory the find command looks like:

find . \( -type d ! -name . -prune \) -o \( <the bit you want to look for> \)

this will stop find from descending into sub-directories within this directory.

Basically, it says, "prune anything that is a directory, whose name isn't ".", i.e. current dir."

The find command evals left to right for each item found in the current directory so after completion of the first element, i.e. the prune segment, it will then continue on with the matched item in your second -o (OR'd) expression.


cheers, Rob