Better way to revert to a previous SVN revision of a file


I accidentally committed too many files to an SVN repository and changed some things I didn't mean to. (Sigh.) In order to revert them to their prior state, the best I could come up with was

svn rm l3toks.dtx
svn copy -r 854 svn+ssh://<repository URL>/l3toks.dtx ./l3toks.dtx

Jeez! Is there no better way? Why can't I just write something like this:

svn revert -r 854 l3toks.dtx

Okay, I'm only using v1.4.4, but I skimmed over the changes list for the 1.5 branch and I couldn't see anything directly related to this. Did I miss anything?

Edit: I guess I wasn't clear enough. I don't think I want to reverse merge, because then I'll lose the changes that I did want to make! Say that fileA and fileB were both modified but I only wanted to commit fileA; accidentally typing

svn commit -m "small change"

commits both files, and now I want to roll back fileB. Reverse merging makes this task no easier (as far as I can tell) than the steps I outlined above.

Best Solution

svn merge -r 854:853 l3toks.dtx


svn merge -c -854 l3toks.dtx

The two commands are equivalent.

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