C# – A good (preferably free) installer for .Net apps


I have a .Net (C#) app that uses Sql Express. Development is finished, and now i have to choose some installer to deploy my app. I tried "Microsoft Visual Studio Publishing Wizard" but i love it and hate it in the same time!
I love it cause it detects all components missing at clients computer, downloads them and installs them automatically.
I hate it cause once deployed, my app doesn't seems to have it's directory, so client can't place plugins he develops independently! Also, i don't know if i can tell "publishing wizard" to create particular dir structure inside installation folder…

Is there any installer able to detect missing components from my client's computer, download and install them and also allow me to configure installation path, dir structure and etc?

Best Solution

You can use Inno Setup which is great installer itself and with such scripts like Modular InnoSetup Dependency Installer (you can also write your own) you can install missing components.

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