C++ – “accummulate_if”


Is there a function similar to accummulate() but provides a unary pre-condition to filter the linear container when performing the operation? I search for accummulate_if but there isn't any. Thanks!

Thanks for all the kind answers. I end up doing it this way:

std::for_each(v.begin(), v.end(), [&](int x){if (Pred) sum += x;});

Best Solution

Must you really use an algorithm? Something as simple as below won't do?

for (const auto& v: V)  if(pred(v)) sum+=v;

Sam's idea is also good. But I would do it with lambda:

 sum = accumulate(
     V.begin(), V.end(), 0, 
     [](int a, int b){return pred(b)? a+b: a;}
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