C# – Active Directory LDAP Search Filter or operator syntax


I am using LDAP Directory Services in C# to search users from LDAP with some filter criteria. I want to supply multiple OR filter criteria. For example firstName, lastName, telephone etc. It works fine when I supply all filter values but gives error when I just supply one or two filter values.

Here is the sample code I am using:

var LdapSearcher = new DirectorySearcher(RootDomain, 
                   "(&(objectclass=user)(sn=" + lastName.Trim() + ")(givenName=" + firstName.Trim() + "))");

I get the result when I supply both sn and givenName values. However, it's an OR search and user will enter either lastName or FirstName.

How to apply OR Filter in LDAP DirectorySearcher.?

Best Solution

You need to use the | operator. From what you've provided, your conditions are :

  • objectclass must be equal "user"
  • sn OR givenName must be equal to the provided value

Let's say the user has provided the name "John Smith". Your filter should look like :


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