C# – Add image to listbox


I have a few images with some text, I need to show the image with the relevant text in a listbox.

Browsing google I came across this sample class,

public class Customer

    public string Fname;

    public string Lname;

public Customer(string firstName, string lastName)
    Fname = firstName;
    Lname = lastName;

public override string ToString()
    return Fname + " " + Lname;

lstCustomers.Items.Add(new Customer("Foo","Bar"));

The above code works fine as it only returns string, how do I return an image and a string together so that it gets added to the listbox?

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Best Solution

Just use a DataTemplate to display your objects in the ListBox.

Create a data object that contains string properties and an Image property:

public class Img
    public Img(string value, Image img) { Str = value; Image = img; }
    public string Str { get; set; }
    public Image Image { get; set; }

Create a DataTemplate to display this:

<ListBox x:Name="lstBox">
        <DataTemplate DataType="{x:Type local:Img}">
                <TextBlock Margin="3" Text="{Binding Str}"/>
                <ContentControl Margin="3" Content="{Binding Image}"/>

Now add the Img items (or your data objects) to the ListBox like so:

lstBox.Items.Add(new Img("Value", myImage));