C# – Add separator to string at every N characters


I have a string which contains binary digits. How to separate string after each 8 digit?

Suppose the string is:

string x = "111111110000000011111111000000001111111100000000";

I want to add a separator like ,(comma) after each 8 character.

output should be :


Then I want to send it to a list<> last 8 char 1st then the previous 8 chars(excepting ,) and so on.

How can I do this?

Best Solution

Regex.Replace(myString, ".{8}", "$0,");

If you want an array of eight-character strings, then the following is probably easier:

Regex.Split(myString, "(?<=^(.{8})+)");

which will split the string only at points where a multiple of eight characters precede it.