Array^ TO unsigned char* :: Marshall class – Interop Issue


I wanted to convert array< Byte>^ to unsigned char*. I have tried to explain what i have done. I donot know how to proceed further. Please show me the right approach. I am using MS VC 2005.

//Managed array  
array<Byte>^ vPublicKey = vX509->GetPublicKey();

//Unmanaged array
unsigned char        vUnmanagedPublicKey[MAX_PUBLIC_KEY_SIZE]; 


// Initialize unmanged memory to hold the array.  
vPublicKeySize = Marshal::SizeOf(vPublicKey[0]) * vPublicKey->Length;  
IntPtr vPnt = Marshal::AllocHGlobal(vPublicKeySize);

// Copy the Managed array to unmanaged memory.  

Here vPnt is a number. But how can copy the data from vPublicKey in to vUnmanagedPublicKey.

Thank you

Best Solution

Instead of using the marshalling-API it is easier to just pin the managed array:

array<Byte>^ vPublicKey = vX509->GetPublicKey();
cli::pin_ptr<unsigned char> pPublicKey = &vPublicKey[0];

// You can now use pPublicKey directly as a pointer to the data.

// If you really want to move the data to unmanaged memory, you can just memcpy it:
unsigned char * unmanagedPublicKey = new unsigned char[vPublicKey->Length];
memcpy(unmanagedPublicKey, pPublicKey, vPublicKey->Length);
// .. use unmanagedPublicKey
delete[] unmanagedPublicKey;
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