C# – ASP.Net: Literal vs Label


I just wanted to hear some authorities on when and where you should use a LITERAL control over a LABEL.

As I understand it, the difference is this: A LABEL can be styled via the <SPAN> tags that are added.

I personally find the addition of <SPAN> tags in my HTML to be very annoying and never actually apply styles through ASP, and so LITERALs seem to be what should be used most of the time… but I'm concerned there's other considerations or benefits to using a LABEL over it that I'm unaware of.

Is it 100% fine to replace any LABELs with LITERALs, provided we're not applying styles to them? Are there NO other considerations?

Best Solution

Yep, the main difference is that Literal controls just render out text, but Label controls surround it with <span> tags (Unless you use the AssociatedControlID property, in which case a Label control will render a <label> tag).

So, labels can be styled easier, but if you're just inserting text, literals are the way to go. Literal controls also have a handy property Mode which governs how the text is rendered. You can have it HTML-encoded, or rendered without any changes, or have any "unsupported markup-language elements" removed.

If you're not applying any styles (e.g. by using Label's CssClass property), it will be fine to replace Label controls with Literal controls.