C++ – Best way to store currency values in C++


I know that a float isn't appropriate to store currency values because of rounding errors. Is there a standard way to represent money in C++?

I've looked in the boost library and found nothing about it. In java, it seems that BigInteger is the way but I couldn't find an equivalent in C++. I could write my own money class, but prefer not to do so if there is something tested.

Best Solution

Don't store it just as cents, since you'll accumulate errors when multiplying for taxes and interest pretty quickly. At the very least, keep an extra two significant digits: $12.45 would be stored as 124,500. If you keep it in a signed 32 bit integer, you'll have $200,000 to work with (positive or negative). If you need bigger numbers or more precision, a signed 64 bit integer will likely give you all the space you'll need for a long time.

It might be of some help to wrap this value in a class, to give you one place for creating these values, doing arithmetic on them, and formatting them for display. This would also give you a central place to carry around which currency it being stored (USD, CAD, EURO, etc).