C# – Brushing up a knowledge of C++, C#, ASP.NET and Design patterns


I've been a software developer for 10 years and came all the way from a wild world of assembly language programming, then server side of C++ and COM, and for the last 5 years I was comfortably settled in a quiet world of .NET, C# and development of business applications.

The problem is – the last couple of years was so comfortable and I was also spending almost half of my time doing a BA's work, that I feel like I forgot a good part of low level C# language, Design Pattern and ASP.NET. And after almost 5 years of not using C++ for a big projects my skills in that language are even worse.

That does not mean I can't program – I do it every day and quite successfully – but I feel what I would not be able to pass most of tough job interviews should the need arises, which is very likely in a current recession. And the reasons I think I would not pass – is that I forgot all the standard things what usually people are being asked on the interviews (e.g. I use the design patterns – but if you ask me – which pattern what that – I would probably not give you the correct name, because all he DP for me are just a smart ways of using static functions and virtual functions).

Can someone please point me to a resource or give me an advice (can I have both please?),
how can I quickly (in a week or so) could brush up my knowledge of C#/.NET, DP and ASP.NET to the level of the very good senior dev (whom I was a 2 years ago)
. As for the C++ – I am willing to spend a month to get my knowledge back again, but this is of less priority.

Please do understand me right – I am not a newbie and all these things I knew before – just want to be back in business 100% again.

Thank you.

Best Solution

For Design Patterns, I would suggest to get a copy of Head First Design Patterns. Regarding ASP.NET, C# and the usage of some patterns, watching Rob Connerys ASP.NET MVC Storefront Webcasts would be a good start.

What you could also do, is having a look at Scott Hanselmanns interview questions which you can find at his blog. Try to find an answer to all of them and you should be in pretty good shape ;-)

In addition, I'd have a look at the code of some successfull open source projects like subtext, DasBlog, Oxite ...

They are a great learning ressource.

The next step could be to contribute to some of those projects (sending some patches to the project admins), because nothing can replace practice ...

However you should keep in mind, that one week might not be enough time to resharpen your skills.

Good luck anyway