C# – Call one constructor from another


I have two constructors which feed values to readonly fields.

public class Sample
    public Sample(string theIntAsString)
        int i = int.Parse(theIntAsString);
        _intField = i;

    public Sample(int theInt) => _intField = theInt;
    public int IntProperty    => _intField;

    private readonly int _intField;

One constructor receives the values directly, and the other does some calculation and obtains the values, then sets the fields.

Now here's the catch:

  1. I don't want to duplicate the
    setting code. In this case, just one
    field is set but of course there may
    well be more than one.
  2. To make the fields readonly, I need
    to set them from the constructor, so
    I can't "extract" the shared code to
    a utility function.
  3. I don't know how to call one
    constructor from another.

Any ideas?

Best Solution

Like this:

public Sample(string str) : this(int.Parse(str)) { }