C# – ComboBox Items Empty but DataSource Full


After binding a list to combobox, its dataSource.Count is 5 but, combobox item count is 0.
how can it be?

I'm used to Web programming and this is in Windows Forms.
So no combo.DataBind(); method exists.

The problem here is, I'm trying to set the selected item programmatically. Since I don't see the combo.Items collection filled, I cannot set the desired item.


A total update is needed I guess:

  • datasource contains 7 items
  • when bound to combobox, DisplayMember and ValueMember are appropriately implemented
  • after databound, through the gui, I can clearly see the 7 items in the combobox
  • combobox.DataSource.Count = 7 and combobox.Items.Count = 0

So the problem is here; since after databound no items are there in the ItemCollection of combobox; I cannot search for one to match and set the appropriate one.

Here is a image for better understanding (But I'm pretty sure I'm missing sth simple)


Best Solution

After adding ddl.BindingContext = new BindingContext(); before the BindingSource assignment, everything worked fine.

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