C# Console?


Does anyone know if there is a c# Console app, similar to the Python or Ruby console? I know the whole "Compiled versus Interpreted" difference, but with C#'s reflection power I think it could be done.

Well, it only took about 200 lines, but I wrote a simple one…It works a lot like osql. You enter commands and then run them with go.

SharpConsole http://www.gfilter.net/junk/sharpconsole.jpg

If anyone wants it, let me know.

Best Solution

Given your mention of "C#'s reflection power", I am unsure whether you're looking for an interactive C# console for small code snippets of your own (à la Ruby's irb), or a means of interacting with an existing, compiled application currently running as a process.

In the former case:

  • Windows PowerShell might be your friend
  • Another candidate would be the C# shell
  • Finally, CSI, a Simple C# Interpreter