C# – Controlling ffdshow from .Net


ffdshow has this awesome little API for controlling playback of video files. It allows you to change subtitles, fast forward, get the name of the file playing, etc…

Its implemented as a windows message loop that accepts user messages and posts data back using WM_COPYDATA.

I would like a c#/vb class that will allow me to perform all the control. (send and receive messages). I know how to write this. I'll probably create a hidden window hook up a windows message loop and send messages back and forth.

I would like to know if someone has already done this, cause implementing it is a bit fiddly, and this is for an open source project anyway so I have very limited time to work on it.

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Best Solution

Looks like the FFDShow-tryout guys already built a wrapper. I haven't tested it out (probably tonight), but it looks promising.

FFDShowAPI at FFDShow's wiki page