C++ – Converting registry access to db calls from MFC Feature Pack


We may start converting an old VS2003 MFC project to use the fancy new features provided by the MFC Feature Pack and VS2008. Several of the new UI controls would be very nice except for one thing – they automatically save their information to the registry. I don't have a problem with the registry, but for the multiple environments the users use out program from, it's much easier to save user data to the database.

So, I'm hoping that there is one main "access the registry" function that could be overloaded to point the database. But brief investigation hasn't turned up anything. Has anyone else had any success doing something similar?

Best Solution

It seems like it should be possible to do what you're suggesting, according to the information on this page in MSDN. I haven't tried this myself, so I don't know how difficult it will be in practice.

According to the documentation, you should create a class that inherits CSettingsStore to read and write the settings, and call CSettingsStoreSP::SetRuntimeClass so that the framework uses your class instead of the default.

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