C# – Creating iCal Files in c#


I'm looking for a good method of generating an iCalendar file (*.ics) in c# (asp.net). I've found a couple resources, but one thing that has been lacking is their support for quoted-printable fields – fields that have carriage returns and line feeds.

For example, if the description field isn't encoded properly, only the first line will display and possibly corrupting the rest of the information in the *.ics file.

I'm looking for existing classes that can generate *.ics files and/or a class that can generate quoted-printable fields.

Best Solution

I use DDay.Ical, its good stuff. Has the ability to open up an ical file and get its data in a nice object model. It says beta, but it works great for us.

Edit Nov 2016

This library has been deprecated, but was picked up and re-released as iCal.NET by another dev.

Notes about the release: rianjs.net/2016/07/dday-ical-is-now-ical-net

Source on GitHub: github.com/rianjs/ical.net

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