C# – DataGridView ToolTipText not showing


I have data bound DataGridView in a desktop app with columns that have their ToolTipText property set, yet no tool tip is displayed when I hover over grid view (cells or cell headers).

The ShowCellToolTips property of the grid view is true, and I have verified using break points that it is not changed programmatically before I mouse over.

I have tried creating a CellToolTipTextNeeded event handler to see what the tool tip text was, but the event handler is never called.

Is there anything I have missed?


Edit: We're using framework 2.0.

Best Solution

It appears from your question that you set the tooltip text of the columns. Columns tooltip text only appears when floating over the headers. To show tooltip text on the cells you have to hookup the CellToolTipTextNeeded event and set the value of e.ToolTipText in the event args