C# – Deserialize JSON string to c# object


My Application is in Asp.Net MVC3 coded in C#.
This is what my requirement is. I want an object which is in the following format.This object should be achieved when I deserialize the Json string.

var obj1 = new { arg1=1,arg2=2 };

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After using the below code:

string str = "{\"Arg1\":\"Arg1Value\",\"Arg2\":\"Arg2Value\"}";
JavaScriptSerializer serializer1 = new JavaScriptSerializer();
object obje = serializer1.Deserialize<object>(str);

The object what i get i.e obje does not acts as obj1

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Here, in this example my JSON string is static, but actually JSON string is going to be dynamically generated runtime, so i won't be able get Arg1 and Arg2 all the time.

Best Solution

I think the JavaScriptSerializer does not create a dynamic object.

So you should define the class first:

class MyObj {
    public int arg1 {get;set;}
    public int arg2 {get;set;}

And deserialize that instead of object:


Not testet, please try.