C# – Drawing with .NET


I am looking for some Drawing class (Package) that will enable me in a easy way to draw images like the following.

alt text http://www.freeimagehosting.net/uploads/e96ab74410.jpg

I have no Experience with Drawing so I will be glad to hear suggestions.

My pic link

Best Solution

Have a look at the GDI+ classes in the System.Drawing namespace.

Edit: I am really not sure what you mean when you keep asking for more abstract libraries. How are these classes not abstract enough? Graphics.DrawLine(), Graphics.FillEllipse() and so on.

Unless you are looking to do something very specific, like charting for instance, there is no other abstraction on top of this. You do want to draw lines, polygons, rectangles etc., don't you?

Can you explain what abstraction you would want? In pseudo code?