C++ – Embedded Visual C++/Why is the Symbol Undefined


I am new to this platform, and I am trying to resolve an issue with existing code that was developed by a contractor many years ago.

In Resource.h, I have something that looks like this, where the last two items I have added.

#define IDC_HOSPITAL_NAME_LABEL         1069
#define IDC_REASON_LABEL                1070
#define IDC_HOSPITAL_NAME_EDIT          1071
#define IDC_COMMENTS_EDIT               1072
#define IDC_COMMENTS_LABEL              1073

I have compiled and deployed several times, I am using the constants in code and it doesn't complain on compile, however, while it might be unrelated to an issue I am trying to resolve, I do notice that in the IDE, if I right click and "Goto" definition of my new added items, it says "The symbol 'IDC_COMMENTS_LABEL' is undefined."

In fact, it will happen even if I do this at the definition, where as it works as expected with the other non-new definitons.

Best Solution

Sounds to me like its just "one of those things". You will notice plenty. Try not to get too wound up by them. In the end ... if it compiles ... don't worry about it :)