C++ – GCC compiling a dll with __stdcall


When we compile a dll using __stdcall inside visual studio 2008 the compiled function names inside the dll are.


Though when we compile the same dll using GCC using wx-dev-cpp GCC appends the number of paramers the function has, so the name of the function using Dependency walker looks like.

FunctionName@numberOfParameters or == FunctionName@8

How do you tell GCC compiler to remove @nn from exported symbols in the dll?

Best Solution

__stdcall decorates the function name by adding an underscore to the start, and the number of bytes of parameters to the end (separated by @).

So, a function:

void __stdcall Foo(int a, int b);

...would become _Foo@8.

If you list the function name (undecorated) in the EXPORTS section of your .DEF file, it is exported undecorated.

Perhaps this is the difference?