C# – Get current user id in ASP.NET Identity 2.0


I just switched over to using the new 2.0 version of the Identity Framework. In 1.0 I could get a user object by using manager.FindByIdAsync(User.Identity.GetUserId()). The GetUserId() method does not seem to exists in 2.0.

Now all I can figure out is to use manager.FindByEmailAsync(User.Identity.Name) which references the username field in the users table. In my application this is set to the same as the email field.

I can see this causing issues down the road when someone needs to update their email. Is there a way to get the current logged in user object based off an unchanging value (such as the id field) in the Identity 2.0 Framework?

Best Solution

GetUserId() is an extension method on IIdentity and it is in Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.IdentityExtensions. Make sure you have added the namespace with using Microsoft.AspNet.Identity;.