C++ – Get latency from host in C++


Using C++, I would like to use a command/class to get the latency time from pinging a host to use in my program. I tried using the ping command but there was no easy way to gather the time since its included with other statistical information. I was hoping for an easier approach.

Best Solution

The ping tool is usually implemented in C and works by sending ICMP Echo request packets over a raw socket,. The system time is recorded -- usually with gettimeofday on under posix -- when the Echo request is made and again when an Echo reply (if any) is received to determine the round-trip time. You can put the same functionality in your C++ application using sockets.

Otherwise, extracting the information from a ping system call is probably easier than you think. The key is to open a pipe to allow reading of the standard output of the ping command (see popen or _popen). A regular expression (e.g. "time=([0-9]*)") could be used to pluck out the desired data. If you don't have a regex library available, then extracting this data only requires fairly trivial string manipulation. The STL string class provides several algorithms that may be of use.