C# – Get the combobox text in C#


I filled up a combobox with the values from an Enum.

Now a combobox is text right? So I'm using a getter and a setter. I'm having problems reading the text.

Here's the code:

public BookType type
        return (BookType)Enum.Parse(typeof(BookType), this.typeComboBox.Text);
        this.typeComboBox.Text = value.ToString();

For some reason, this.typeComboBox.Text always returns an empty string when I select an item on the combobox.

Does someone see what I'm doing wrong?

EDIT: I have come to the conclusion that the problem lies in timing.
The point in time at which I summon the text is indeed after I changed the combobox, but still before that value is parsed as a value.
Problem fixed in a different way now, thanks for all the ideas.

Best Solution

Try this. this worked for me.

string selectedText = this.ComboBox.GetItemText(this.ComboBox.SelectedItem);

The GetItemText method analyzes the item and returns the text of the bound to that item.