C# – Getting path relative to the current working directory?


I'm writing a console utility to do some processing on files specified on the commandline, but I've run into a problem I can't solve through Google/Stack Overflow. If a full path, including drive letter, is specified, how do I reformat that path to be relative to the current working directory?

There must be something similar to the VirtualPathUtility.MakeRelative function, but if there is, it eludes me.

Best Solution

If you don't mind the slashes being switched, you could [ab]use Uri:

Uri file = new Uri(@"c:\foo\bar\blop\blap.txt");
// Must end in a slash to indicate folder
Uri folder = new Uri(@"c:\foo\bar\");
string relativePath = 
        .Replace('/', Path.DirectorySeparatorChar)

As a function/method:

string GetRelativePath(string filespec, string folder)
    Uri pathUri = new Uri(filespec);
    // Folders must end in a slash
    if (!folder.EndsWith(Path.DirectorySeparatorChar.ToString()))
        folder += Path.DirectorySeparatorChar;
    Uri folderUri = new Uri(folder);
    return Uri.UnescapeDataString(folderUri.MakeRelativeUri(pathUri).ToString().Replace('/', Path.DirectorySeparatorChar));