C# – Has an event handler already been added


Is there a way to tell if an event handler has been added to an object? I'm serializing a list of objects into/out of session state so we can use SQL based session state… When an object in the list has a property changed it needs to be flagged, which the event handler took care of properly before. However now when the objects are deserialized it isn't getting the event handler.

In an fit of mild annoyance, I just added the event handler to the Get property that accesses the object. It's getting called now which is great, except that it's getting called like 5 times so I think the handler just keeps getting added every time the object is accessed.

It's really safe enough to just ignore, but I'd rather make it that much cleaner by checking to see if the handler has already been added so I only do so once.

Is that possible?

EDIT: I don't necessarily have full control of what event handlers are added, so just checking for null isn't good enough.

Best Solution

I recently came to a similar situation where I needed to register a handler for an event only once. I found that you can safely unregister first, and then register again, even if the handler is not registered at all:

myClass.MyEvent -= MyHandler;
myClass.MyEvent += MyHandler;

Note that doing this every time you register your handler will ensure that your handler is registered only once. Sounds like a pretty good practice to me :)