C# – Hiding fields from the debugger


Is it possible to hide fields and/or properties from showing up in the debugger watch window? See, we've got a class here with over 50 private fields, most of which are exposed through public properties. This means we're seeing a duplication of a large number of data in the watch window listing.

Is there any means of controlling this?

Best Solution

Try this attribute:


Use it to hide your backing fields by placing the attribute above the field declaration like this:

class Foo
    int bar;  // this one will be hidden
    int baz;  // but this one will be visible like normal

Keep in mind that the DebuggerBrowsableState enumeration has two other members:

Collapsed: Collapses the element in the debugger.
RootHidden: This shows child elements of a collection but hides the root element itself.