C# – How do define get and set for an array data member


I am making a class Customer that has the following data members and properties:

private string customerName;
private double[] totalPurchasesLastThreeDays; //array of 3 elements that will hold the totals of how much the customer purchased for the past three days i.e. element[0] = 100, element[1] = 50, element[2] = 250

public string CustomerName
get { return customerName; }
set { customerName = value; }

public double[] TotalPurchasesLastThreeDays

How do I define the get and set for the array data member?

Best Solution

Do you want an indexer?

public double this[int i] {
  get { return totalPurchasesLastThreeDays[i]; }
  set { totalPurchasesLastThreeDays[i] = value; }

Because otherwise the question sounds a little weird, given that you already implemented a property in your code and are obviously capable of doing so.