C# – how do i take picture from a digital camera attached to the computer throught USB cable using vb.net or asp.net or C#


I am writing picture editing windows forms application using vb.net/c#. i have a client requirement to capture the photo from digital still camera attached to computer.

how can i capture a photo from USB connected digital still camera device in my windows application ?

Best Solution

If you use the Windows Image Acquisition Library, you'll see events there for capturing camera new picture events. I had a similar requirement and wrote a test rig; we went down to the local camera store and tried every camera they had. The only cameras we could find that supported this functionality were the Nikon D-series cameras.

We found that with most cameras, you can't even take a picture when they are plugged in. When you plug them in to the USB port, most cameras will switch into a mode where the only thing they'll do is transfer data. The quick way to find out if a camera will work at all is to plug it into a PC, then try to snap a picture. If it lets you do that you have a chance. It also needs to support PTP.