C# – How to compare only Date without Time in DateTime types in Linq to SQL with Entity Framework


Is there a way to compare two DateTime variables in Linq2Sql but to disregard the Time part.

The app stores items in the DB and adds a published date. I want to keep the exact time but still be able to pull by the date itself.

I want to compare 12/3/89 12:43:34 and 12/3/89 11:22:12 and have it disregard the actual time of day so both of these are considered the same.

I guess I can set all the times of day to 00:00:00 before I compare but I actually do want to know the time of day I just also want to be able to compare by date only.

I found some code that has the same issue and they compare the year, month and day separately. Is there a better way to do this?

Best Solution

try using the Date property on the DateTime Object...

if(dtOne.Date == dtTwo.Date)