C++ – How to determine a process “virtual size” (WinXP)


I have a program that needs a lot of memory, and it crashes as soon as the 2GB virtual address space is reached. Sysinternals process explorer displays this as "virtual size" column.
How can I determine this "virtual size" with C (or C++) code?

Ok, I have to query a performance counter for "Virtual Bytes". Perfmon shows the query string (or how it is called) as, for example, '\Process(firefox)\Virtuelle Größe' on my German Win XP installation.

How do I determine the query string for the 'current process', and is there a non-localized name for it?

Best Solution

According to MSDN: Memory Performance Information PROCESS_MEMORY_COUNTERS_EX.PrivateUsage is the same as VM Size in Task Manager in Windows XP. GetProcessMemoryInfo should work:

pmcx.cb = sizeof(pmcx);
    reinterpret_cast<PROCESS_MEMORY_COUNTERS*>(&pmcx), pmcx.cb);

Now pmcx.PrivateUsage holds the VM Size of the process.