C# – How to evaluate C# code dynamically


I can do an eval("something()"); to execute the code dynamically in JavaScript. Is there a way for me to do the same thing in C#?

An example of what I am trying to do is: I have an integer variable (say i) and I have multiple properties by the names: "Property1", "Property2", "Property3", etc.
Now, I want to perform some operations on the " Propertyi " property depending on the value of i.

This is really simple with Javascript. Is there any way to do this with C#?

Best Solution

Using the Roslyn scripting API (more samples here):

// add NuGet package 'Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.Scripting'
using Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.CSharp.Scripting;

await CSharpScript.EvaluateAsync("System.Math.Pow(2, 4)") // returns 16

You can also run any piece of code:

var script = await CSharpScript.RunAsync(@"
                class MyClass
                    public void Print() => System.Console.WriteLine(1);

And reference the code that was generated in previous runs:

await script.ContinueWithAsync("new MyClass().Print();");