C++ – How to extract four unsigned short ints from one long long int


Suppose I have one long long int and want to take its bits and construct four unsigned short ints out of it.

Particular order doesn't matter much here.

I generally know that I need to shift bits and truncate to the size of unsigned short int. But I think I may make some weird mistake somewhere, so I ask.

Best Solution

#include <stdint.h>
#include <stdio.h>

union ui64 {
    uint64_t one;
    uint16_t four[4];

    union ui64 number = {0x123456789abcdef0};
    printf("%x %x %x %x\n", number.four[0], number.four[1],
                            number.four[2], number.four[3]);
    return 0;
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