C# How to find if an event is hooked up


I want to be able to find out if an event is hooked up or not. I've looked around, but I've only found solutions that involved modifying the internals of the object that contains the event. I don't want to do this.

Here is some test code that I thought would work:

// Create a new event handler that takes in the function I want to execute when the event fires
EventHandler myEventHandler = new EventHandler(myObject_SomeEvent);
// Get "p1" number events that got hooked up to myEventHandler
int p1 = myEventHandler.GetInvocationList().Length;
// Now actually hook an event up
myObject.SomeEvent += m_myEventHandler;
// Re check "p2" number of events hooked up to myEventHandler
int p2 = myEventHandler.GetInvocationList().Length;

Unfort the above is dead wrong. I thought that somehow the "invocationList" in myEventHandler would automatically get updated when I hooked an event to it. But no, this is not the case. The length of this always comes back as one.

Is there anyway to determine this from outside the object that contains the event?

Best Solution

If the object concerned has specified the event keyword, then the only things you can do are add (+=) and remove (-=) handlers, nothing more.

I believe that comparing the invocation list length would work, but you need to be operating inside the object to get at it.

Also, keep in mind that the += and -= operators return a new event object; they don't modify an existing one.

Why do you want to know if a particular event is hooked up? Is it to avoid registering multiple times?

If so, the trick is to remove the handler first (-=) as removing a handler that's not there is legal, and does nothing. Eg:

// Ensure we don't end up being triggered multiple times by the event
myObject.KeyEvent -= KeyEventHandler;
myObject.KeyEvent += KeyEventHandler;