C# – How to get the full url of the page I am on in C#


I need to be able to get at the full URL of the page I am on from a user control. Is it just a matter of concatenating a bunch of Request variables together? If so which ones? Or is there a more simpiler way?

Best Solution

Here is a list I normally refer to for this type of information:

Request.ApplicationPath :   /virtual_dir
Request.CurrentExecutionFilePath :  /virtual_dir/webapp/page.aspx
Request.FilePath :  /virtual_dir/webapp/page.aspx
Request.Path :  /virtual_dir/webapp/page.aspx
Request.PhysicalApplicationPath :   d:\Inetpub\wwwroot\virtual_dir\
Request.QueryString :   /virtual_dir/webapp/page.aspx?q=qvalue
Request.Url.AbsolutePath :  /virtual_dir/webapp/page.aspx
Request.Url.AbsoluteUri :   http://localhost:2000/virtual_dir/webapp/page.aspx?q=qvalue
Request.Url.Host :  localhost
Request.Url.Authority : localhost:80
Request.Url.LocalPath : /virtual_dir/webapp/page.aspx
Request.Url.PathAndQuery :  /virtual_dir/webapp/page.aspx?q=qvalue
Request.Url.Port :  80
Request.Url.Query : ?q=qvalue
Request.Url.Scheme :    http
Request.Url.Segments :  /

Hopefully you will find this useful!