C++ – How to Learn C++ When you are stuck in your ways with newer Languages?


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What is the best approach for a Java developer to learn C++

How would you go about learning C++ if you were "Stuck in your ways" with newer languages like Java or C#?

I've been working as a developer for 3 years, I've got both a Bachellors and a masters in computing science from a Reputable UK University…

I've written millions of lines of C# thousands of lines of Java and a few hundred lines of C…

But I don't know C++, I feel a little like I've cheated the profession by not knowing a what I think is a key language. I've written Code in C++ files, mainly for bug fixes, but it was really just C in disguise.

What is the best way to go about learning C++, if you are more used to the nice abstractions that higher level languages give you to get away from the nitty grittyness of C++.

Has anyone on SO gone from being an experienced Java, C# (or some other language) developor to a C++ programmer? if so how did you do it, was it difficult and do you have any pointers?

Best Solution

By reading Stroustroup's C++ Programming Language. Switched from Common Lisp.

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