C# – How to make the AssemblyInfo version of a C# .NET CF program propagate to the Explorer Properties window


It seems like if you compile a Visual Studio solution and have a version # in your AssemblyInfo.cs file, that should propagate to say, the Windows Explorer properties dialog. This way, someone could simply right click on the *.exe and click 'properties' to see the version #. Is there a special setting in Visual Studio to make this happen?

example picture http://content.screencast.com/users/Pincas/folders/Jing/media/40442efd-6d74-4d8a-8e77-c1e725e6c150/2008-09-24_0849.png

Edit: I should have mentioned that this is, specifically, for .NET Compact Framework 2.0, which doesn't support AssemblyFileVersion. Is all hope lost?

Best Solution

Note, that the AssemblyFileVersion attribute is not available under .NET Compact Framework!

See this article from Daniel Mooth for a workaround.