C# – How to pass a function as a parameter in C#


Is it possible to pass a function as a parameter in C#? I can do it using the Func or Action classes, but this forces me to declare the entire function signature at once. When I try to use Delegate, I get a compile error saying it can't convert a method group to a Delegate.

I'm working on Axial and I'm trying to allow users to call web services. What I'm going for is the ability to create the Visual Studio proxy class and then pass in the generated function. The function signature doesn't matter because the generated code only uses the function name. However, I'd like to pass in the function instead of the name for two reasons: the ability to use the proxy's Url property and a compiler error if the web service doesn't exist or is updated in Visual Studio.

public void AlertIt(object o) {
public void CallAddService() {
    object[] param = new object[] { int.Parse(txtA.Text), int.Parse(txtB.Text) };
    Axial.ServerScript.CallWebService(new WSProxy.WS().Add, param, AlertIt, AlertIt);

class Axial.ServerScript {
    public void CallWebService(Delegate method, object[] param, Action<object> successCallback, Action<object> failureCallback) {
        // translate to javascript (already working)

Best Solution

I think what you want is:

static object InvokeMethod(Delegate method, params object[] args){
    return method.DynamicInvoke(args);

static int Add(int a, int b){
    return a + b;

static void Test(){
    Console.WriteLine(InvokeMethod(new Func<int, int, int>(Add), 5, 4));

Prints "9".