C++ – How to print ‘\n’ instead of a newline


I am writing a program that uses prints a hex dump of its input. However, I'm running into problems when newlines, tabs, etc are passed in and destroying my output formatting.

How can I use printf (or cout I guess) to print '\n' instead of printing an actual newline? Do I just need to do some manual parsing for this?

EDIT: I'm receiving my data dynamically, it's not just the \n that I'm corned about, but rather all symbols. For example, this is my printf statement:

printf("%c", theChar);

How can I make this print \n when a newline is passed in as theChar but still make it print normal text when theChar is a valid printable character?

Best Solution

Print "\\n" – "\\" produces "\" and then "n" is recognized as an ordinary symbol. For more information see here.